Guide to Free Speech in the Forest Service Workplace

What to do when you face a conflict between the actions of your employer and your ethical standards

At one time or another in your career you may be witness to unethical or illegal behavior by a colleague or your agency. Such occasions are among the most challenging you will ever face professionally. This booklet is intended to help you negotiate these rocky shores with as few bumps and bruises as possible.

What you read in this guide is based upon the experiences of dozens of Forest Service employees who have been caught between loyalty to their employer and loyalty to their personal ethical standards.

The guide cover the laws, rules, and regulations, though effective resolution of ethical conflicts is often accomplished by other means. This booklet also explores the effective use of coalitions, media, politicians, and other tools available to federal employees. It has been FSEEE’s experience over the past decade that each ethical conflict requires a different mix of advocacy tools.

Feel free to download a copy.