Our Mission & Programs

Our Mission

Our mission is to protect national forests and to reform the U.S. Forest Service by advocating environmental ethics, educating citizens, and defending whistleblowers.

FSEEE is made up of thousands of concerned citizens, present, former, and retired Forest Service employees, other government resource managers, and activists working to change the Forest Service’s basic land management philosophy.

FSEEE is a unique concept—a national organization of government employees holding the Forest Service accountable for responsible land stewardship. FSEEE believes that the land is a public trust, to be passed with reverence from generation to generation. The Forest Service and other public agencies must follow the footsteps of Aldo Leopold, a pioneer of conservation, and become leaders in the quest for a new resource ethic. Together we must work toward an ecologically and economically sustainable future.

FSEEE Program Areas

  • Public Education: FSEEE produces and distributes publications to increase awareness of needed Forest Service reform. These publications include Forest News, detailed monitoring reports and a middle-school environmental curriculum. In addition, FSEEE coordinates informative speaking tours throughout the nation on as-needed basis.
  • Monitoring and Organizing: FSEEE is a vigilant watchdog over the successes and failures of the Forest Service. Our efforts to reform the agency require FSEEE to widely publicize examples such as disastrous timber policies and successful watershed restorations. FSEEE also facilitates communications between reformers within and outside the agency.
  • Protecting Integrity and Ethics: FSEEE is a screening and referral agency for Forest Service whistleblowers who risk their careers to protect our natural resources.

FSEEE Program Objectives

  • Redefine timber and other commodity targets so that they are not the goal, but rather the outcome of land management objectives. Ensure ecosystem integrity as the highest priority.
  • Protect and promote the right of the public to be informed. Public employees have an obligation to keep the public informed about resource management law, policy and practices.
  • Champion the role of large intact ecosystems and natural disturbance cycles as blueprints for reconstructing damaged lands, protecting diversity and restoring resource productivity.
  • Foster/develop a land management ethic in ourselves, federal and state agencies, and elected officials.

Forest Service Employees for Environmental Ethics (FSEEE) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.