Ground Truth: FSEEE in the News

FSEEE Weighs In on Ski Funding Proposal

FSEEE Executive Director Andy Stahl is quoted extensively in a report published today on the Wyoming-based news website, WyoFile.

The article is about proposed legislation in Congress that would require the Forest Service to invest a portion of fees collected from ski areas into permit work for projects and infrastructure improvements proposed for those areas.

Andy argues that such a system could incentivize Forest Service managers to approve permit applications because it would give them “a dog in the fight.”

He compares the proposal to the financing system that dominated the Forest Service during the go-go logging days prior to 1990. Under that system, revenue from timber sales financed a large percentage of the agency’s operations.

Forest Service managers who oversee the permitting process for ski areas should be “incentivized by the condition of the land, by the long-term land ethic,” Andy says in the article.