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Conservationists Challenge Ohio Pipeline

A trio of conservation groups is challenging a proposal to build a natural gas pipeline across Ohio’s Wayne National Forest.

Yesterday, the Ohio Environmental Council, the Sierra Club and the Center for Biodiversity filed a motion to intervene in the permitting process for the pipeline.

Wayne National Forest

Columbia Gas Transmission, a subsidiary of TransCanada Corp., wants to build the 66-mile Buckeye Xpress pipeline from southern Ohio to West Virginia. About 12 of those miles would cross the Wayne National Forest. The pipeline would also cross the Ohio River.

The Ohio Environmental Council and other groups are also suing the Bureau of Land Management and the Forest Service for sanctioning natural gas drilling on the Wayne National Forest.

The proposed pipeline would cross 336 streams and 134 acres of wetlands, according to conservationists.

“The Wayne is Ohio’s only national forest,” said Chris Tavenor, an attorney for the Ohio Environmental Council, “and federal agencies need to recognize the importance of these ecological treasures beyond their potential for pipelines and well pads.”


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  1. Ron Enders says:

    I like what FSEEE does and have made a small donation for the past 5 years. This year I got your bill that contained no information about what you are doing and started to throw it into the trash, but decided to first check your web page. Was surprised to find you fighting a natural gas pipeline like I have been fighting the Atlantic Coast Pipeline for the past 4 years. You can read about our struggle on

    If you sign up you will get a sample of our Newsletter which is the front page posts of the previous week. You might consider something like that to bring your contributors up to date (perhaps monthly or bi-monthly) of the posts on your home page.

    We are fighting for environmental reasons, but are also fighting against the use of Eminent Domain for Private Gain by the pipeline companies. You might want to follow and the Private Rights and Pipeline Center. They are new and getting started on line:

    Changes to the Natural Gas Act about Eminent Domain could be something that brings the right and the left together to stop the pipelines.

    Good luck. My little contribution will arrive in few days. Thanks for all your members do.

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