Ground Truth: Devil's Staircase

Warnings About Trying to Visit Devil’s Staircase!

The Roseburg News-Review reported yesterday on the second group of hikers to spend an unplanned night in the Devil’s Staircase.

  • Warning: Do not attempt to find the Devil’s Staircase waterfall without an experienced guide. That means someone who has been there before and knows the route, such as it is, well.
  • Warning: Even with an experienced guide getting to the waterfall can easily become a two-day hike, or more if you twist an ankle.
  • Warning: There are no trails. The roads leading to this wild area are generally unsigned, unmarked and unmaintained.
  • Warning: The terrain is the steepest, most confusing, and most challenging that you have ever attempted.
  • Warning: GPS units generally do not function in the Devil’s Staircase area due to canopy cover and ravines.
  • Warning: USGS topographic maps do not show all the ridges and ravines, not to mention the cliffs.
  • Warning: Devil’s Staircase is a wilderness in the truest sense of the word — it is wild.