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Secret Forest

The Secret Forest Experience

FSEEE's first-ever Youth Education project--The Secret Forest Experience--includes printed curriculum for middle school teachers that speaks directly to elementary school kids.

What will we learn?

Hands-on learning

The Secret Forest Experience emphasizes cutting-edge topics and field studies with hands-on activities. We hope it helps you deepen your students' understanding of forest ecosystems and connects them with others involved in this exciting field of study.

Our curriculum, offered in both English and Spanish, delivers all you need to conduct successful field-based forest ecology studies at the middle school level. Five fresh topics provide cutting-edge information and techniques to supplement your existing science or environmental education curriculum.

Get it now...

You can download all the curriculum right now using the links to the right.

...or Order Free Booklets or CDs

We also offer the curriculum in spiral-bound booklets or on CD. Teachers and conservation educators who don't have easy access to the World Wide Web or who don't want to tie up their computers downloading files can order these using the form below.

Printed in sharp black and white, you can copy the curriculum for peers and students as many times as you like. Due to the generosity of a grant from the W. Alton Jones Foundation, we are able to provide this to you free of charge.

All we ask is that you return the evaluation sheets so that we can use your feedback to improve future editions of The Secret Forest Experience.



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Special Thanks

Special thanks to the W. Alton Jones Foundation for generously supporting FSEEE's Youth Education Project.

All Rights Reserved. ©1998, 2000; Forest Service Employees for Environmental Ethics

Download Now!
Download our Secret Forest Experience curriculum in Adobe Acrobat format.

Cover and Table of Contents
In English (500K)
En Español (8M)
#1 Conserving Biodiversity
In English (500K)
En Español (3.5M)
#2 Terrestrial Forest Arthropods
In English (400K)
En Español (10M)
#3 Fire Ecology and W. Forests
In English (500K)
En Español (5M)
#4 Forest Soil Microorganisms
In English (400K)
En Español (3M)
#5 Critical Thinking
In English (500K)
En Español (3.5M)

Note: Teachers are encouraged to reproduce any curriculum materials for use by their students.

If you do not have the Adobe Acrobat reader program you can download it from here:

Involved, field-based,
forest ecology studies
Download this file (ESCF1.pdf)ESCF1.pdf[ ]266 Kb
Download this file (ESCF2.pdf)ESCF2.pdf[ ]421 Kb
Download this file (ESCF3.pdf)ESCF3.pdf[ ]967 Kb
Download this file (ESCF4.pdf)ESCF4.pdf[ ]168 Kb
Download this file (ESCF5.pdf)ESCF5.pdf[ ]278 Kb
Download this file (ESCFCoverTOC.pdf)ESCFCoverTOC.pdf[ ]198 Kb
Download this file (SCF1.pdf)SCF1.pdf[ ]268 Kb
Download this file (SCF2.pdf)SCF2.pdf[ ]395 Kb
Download this file (SCF3.pdf)SCF3.pdf[ ]411 Kb
Download this file (SCF4.pdf)SCF4.pdf[ ]172 Kb
Download this file (SCF5.pdf)SCF5.pdf[ ]215 Kb
Download this file (SCFCoverTOC.pdf)SCFCoverTOC.pdf[ ]213 Kb

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