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Seeing the Forest - FSEEE produced documentary highlighting the story of the Siuslaw National Forest's journey from seeing the tress as its primary resource to valuing the whole forest.

Torrents of Change - Public television documentary produced by FSEEE, chronicling major road failures that occurred during intense winter storms in the Pacific Northwest.


Guide to Free Speech - FSEEE's guide to free speech in the workplace is available to download.

Reddy Squirrel Rocks - Forest fires happen! FSEEE's forest mascot can help you prepare for them.

Outsourcing Resources - A little-known 1998 law with the delightful acronym FAIR (the Federal Activities Inventory Reform Act) opened the door to wholesale outsourcing of Forest Service personnel. FSEEE has put together a collection of resources for Forest Service workers who are in danger of losing their jobs to the private sector.

The Secret Forest Experience - FSEEE's first-ever youth education project includes printed curriculum for middle school teachers that speaks directly to elementary school kids. The Secret Forest Experience emphasizes cutting-edge topics and field studies with hands-on activities.


Court Filings - This page includes links to major pleadings filed by FSEEE.

Congressional Testimony

Fire Retardant DEIS Comments - Comments to the Forest Service over use of aerial fire retardant.

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FSEEE Newsletter

Forest News - Summer 2016
Scorched: Wildland firefighting is taking a growing personal toll. Can the Forest Service ...Read More

"Seeing the Forest" Video

Watch the FSEEE documentary video chronicling how one National Forest evolved from valuing only the trees to seeing the entire forest.


Online Library

Download FSEEE's Guide to Free Speech and more.


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