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Holding BLM Accountable
The Cliven Bundy saga playing out in the national media has the FSEEE staff and board angry and frustrated. Not simply at livestock rancher Bundy, who is a racist bully and behaving accordingly, nor at the radical wackos ...
FSEEE’S 25th Anniversary  and Bold New Agenda
Twenty-five years ago, a handful of principled and dedicated Forest Service workers united to defend our National Forests from industrial exploitation. They founded Forest Service Employees for Environmental Ethics—a groundbreaking ...
Protect Imperiled Old-growth Forests
High in the Rocky Mountains, in Wyoming’s Bighorn National Forest, 400-year-old spruce and fir trees blanket a mountainside called Crater Ridge. For almost half a millennia, this forest has survived and thrived in the extreme ...
Save Your National Forests From Fracking
At FSEEE, we are combating one of the greatest threats to our public lands today: the unregulated use of hydraulic fracturing or fracking. At stake is the most precious resource provided by our public lands: clean water. ...
Help Save the Tongass National Forest
Right now, Congress and the Forest Service are poised to destroy our nation’s largest rainforest—the Tongass National Forest in Alaska. Congress is seeking to transfer 70,000 acres of old-growth public forests to a private ...
Keep National Forests in Public Ownership
A new era in the battle over public lands is upon us, and this time, the stakes could not be higher. In statehouses around the nation, politicians backed by private interests are demanding the privatization of your National ...
Help FSEEE Prioritize Forest Protection
The Forest Service is at a critical crossroad in National Forest management. On one path lies a return to the extraction mentality of thirty years ago; a push to view our National Forests as commodities for timber and energy ...

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A flag flies in the forest, Coeur d' Alene Press
As Environmental Assessment Wraps Up, Legal Issues Persist for Libby Mine - Kootenai National Forest extends comment period on Montanore Project by two weeks, Flathead Beacon
Public land management needs change, Hungry Horse News op-ed
350-barrel brine spill reported near Belfield - U.S. Forest Service has been to the site, Dickinson Press

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Forestry fandango, High Country News
A flag flies in the forest, Coeur d' Alene Press

Ground Truth

A lively blend of original articles and commentaries about issues affecting our public lands.
Hope for Bats
September 26, 2014 — For the first time in nearly a decade, researchers are cautiously optimistic they will be able to control a fast-moving disease that has devastated bat populations in the eastern United States. But they expect the outbreak to continue to spread for several years to come. White-nose syndrome is a fungal disease first detected in bats hibernating in a cave outside of Albany, New York, eight years ago. Since then, the fungus has infected bats in at least 25 states and five Canadian ...Read More

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Photos and stories about National Forests near you.
Seeing the Forest
It is important to highlight the Forest Service’s successes, so we have launched a campaign to bring the story of the Siuslaw National Forest’s ecosystem restoration to every Forest Service office in the nation. We are ...Read More

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Forest News - Spring 2014
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