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Keep National Forests in Public Ownership
A new era in the fight over our National Forests is upon us, and this time, the stakes could not be higher! It is the 21st century’s battle for the soul of our public lands. It is the fight to determine whether your National ...
Combat Militarization on Our National Forests
When you think of your National Forests, you probably don’t envision military jets screaming overhead, radiation-spewing mobile transmitters parked alongside public access roads or high-tech war games. Yet that’s just ...
Protecting Our Wild Waters
Like many Americans, you may have fond memories of spending the dog days of summer next to a beautiful river, lake or stream. Each summer, Americans and their families flock to the waters that course through our public lands ...
Holding BLM Accountable
The Cliven Bundy saga playing out in the national media has the FSEEE staff and board angry and frustrated. Not simply at livestock rancher Bundy, who is a racist bully and behaving accordingly, nor at the radical wackos ...
FSEEE’S 25th Anniversary  and Bold New Agenda
Twenty-five years ago, a handful of principled and dedicated Forest Service workers united to defend our National Forests from industrial exploitation. They founded Forest Service Employees for Environmental Ethics—a groundbreaking ...
Protect Imperiled Old-growth Forests
High in the Rocky Mountains, in Wyoming’s Bighorn National Forest, 400-year-old spruce and fir trees blanket a mountainside called Crater Ridge. For almost half a millennia, this forest has survived and thrived in the extreme ...
Save Your National Forests From Fracking
At FSEEE, we are combating one of the greatest threats to our public lands today: the unregulated use of hydraulic fracturing or fracking. At stake is the most precious resource provided by our public lands: clean water. ...
Help FSEEE Prioritize Forest Protection
The Forest Service is at a critical crossroad in National Forest management. On one path lies a return to the extraction mentality of thirty years ago; a push to view our National Forests as commodities for timber and energy ...

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National News

Fire Budgets and Climate, The Antiplanner
Gold-Plated Fire Service, New Century of Forest Planning
U.S. wildfires surge to 10-year high - Feds spending $150 million per day and seek firefighting help from Canada, Australia and New Zealand, Summit Voice
Shasta County residents notice unusual odor - Experts say smell could be linked to Trinity County fires, KRCR

Researchers: Drought creating California 'ghost forests' - Survey finds 6.3M dead trees in southern Sierra Nevada, KCRA

You Gotta Tell Me What I Already Know, New Century of Forest Planning

Ground Truth

Wild Horses Can Stay—For Now
August 14, 2015 — The Forest Service is backing away from a controversial plan to remove wild horses from Arizona’s Tonto National Forest. An estimated 65 to 100 horses live along the Salt River, east of Phoenix. The agency claims the horses pose a public safety threat. Vehicles have collided with horses on a highway that follows a stretch of the Salt River. Forest Service officials say the animals also pose a threat ...Read More

Army Extends Comment Period on Helicopter Training Proposal
August 10, 2015 — A coalition of environmental groups is lining up against U.S. Army plans to conduct helicopter exercises over a wide stretch of Washington’s North Cascades. After receiving input from hundreds of individuals and groups, the Army has extended the comment period for the proposal until September 4. Officials with Joint Base Lewis-McChord, near Tacoma, say the training is necessary to help helicopter pilots ...Read More

And the Slurry Flies
August 4, 2015 — After a relatively slow start (at least outside Alaska), wildfire season is in full force. As of today, some 134,000 acres are ablaze in California alone, including 65,000 acres in the Rocky Fire, north of San Francisco. As always, the Forest Service and other agencies are fighting the fires with everything they can muster. That includes air tankers dropping thousands of gallons of bright-red fire retardant ...Read More

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