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Back Issues 2009

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The toxic legacy of abandoned mines includes thousands of miles of pulluted streams that will cost billions to reclaim. By Alice Tallmadge

Wild mustangs are an iconic western image, but their presence on public lands is controversial. By Camilla Mortensen

Communities need to learn to live with smoke as fire returns to public lands. By Laura Paskus


FSEEE turns 20: Looking back and looking forward. By Patricia Marshall

Rural residents in Colorado may have moved there to enjoy the forest, but now they find their hills turning rust red as bark beetles bore through the landscape. By Allen Best

During the Great Depression, Franklin D. Roosevelt put civilians to work on public land projects. The results of those efforts still stand today. By Margaret A. Haapoja


Black bears have made a comeback in eastern forests. In Virginia, the state is teaching residents how to live with their wild neighbors. By Jennifer Weeks

An environmentalist comes clean about his consumption of resources. By Rick Bass

Air pollution from Asia migrates to North American wilderness. By Allen Best

Forests need death as much as they need life. By George Wuerthner


Colorado, Idaho and Wyoming are petitioning the federal government to allow more access to roadless areas. By James Johnston

An across-border cooperative effort works to preserve an endangered herd of mountain caribou. By Jim Yuskavitch

Glen Ith believed he was doing the right thing. The government disagreed. By Alice Tallmadge

Questions arise over the development of wind farms on national forest land. By Jennifer Weeks

  • Inner Voice. FSEEE updates fire retardant lawsuit. U.S. Forest Service faces new challenges.

  • Out There: History Revealed. Rock art in Calfornia’s Los Padres National Forest reveals Native American history. By Chuck Graham

  • From the Publisher. An open letter to the next undersecretary of Agriculture By Andy Stahl

  • Point of View: Igniting Real Change. Fire managers have more flexibility when it comes to fighting wildfire. By Timothy Ingalsbee

  • Pulp: Minor Prophet. Char Miller reviews Tom Wolf’s latest biography, Wilderness Prophet, which examines the life of Arthur Carhart.

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