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Back Issues 2006

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A non-Hollywood movie about global warming draws record crowds. Consumers make the connection between health and food, between war and high gas prices. Republicans and Democrats may finally agree: it’s the environment, people. by Mike Dunne

In Montana, tribes and the federal government have different goals for wilderness areas; achieving them requires cooperation. by PJ DelHomme

They’re young, they’re dirty and they’re having a great time working in—and for—the national forsests. by Patricia Marshall

Today’s fires are the crucible for tomorrow’s old-growth forests. by James Johnston


The plan to sell off 300,000 acres of national forests to fund federal payments to rural counties may not proceed, but public lands have always been vulnerable to political whims. Why short-term solutions to budget woes won't work in the long run. by Char Miller

Interstate 70 transformed western Colorado, but at a cost. by Allen Best

Border activities lead to a host of problems on the Coronado National Forest. by Rebecca Clarren

The ten-year federal effort to reintroduce wolves to central Idaho has been successful. Now the state takes over. by Jim Yuskavitch


The Bush Administration is pushing to expedite oil and gas development on public lands, but the legacy left behind can be deadly. by Rebecca Clarren

People who love forests love to live near them, but how many residents does it take to alter the very things that draw them there? by Patricia Marshall

The desire to manipulate clouds so that they will release more water grows stronger following drought years. by Allen Best

The wide-open spaces of the great plains are a landscape of hope. by Candace Savage


Scientists who are measuring the effects of rising temperatures on the boreal forests have little doubt that global warming is upon us. This previously resilient ecosystem is a barometer of the magnitude of change that is just beginning to be apparent in more temperate climates. by Valerie Brown

Should we disrupt the wilderness to restore the native fish? by PJ Delhomme

How appeals affect forest management. by Patricia Marshall

The fires of Yellowstone changed fire policy as we know it. by Rocky Barker

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