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Back Issues 2001

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What makes people so mad at Miriam Austin? She reminds them of what they are ignoring.


The Green Court? The Ninth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals hears many environmental disputes. But how green is it? by Keith Easthouse
A Long Wait for an Old Neighbor. Wolf reintroduction in the Northeast is a long, slow process. by Deborah Straw
Return of the Fisher. The fisher, formerly distributed across much of the United States, makes a slow return to the Northwest. by Tim McNulty

Handwritten letters from kids can rankle a company in a way that a box of well-reasoned, grammatically correct pleas from adults surely can’t. Sometimes the crayon is mightier than the diesel Caterpillar. by Matt Rasmussen


Hunting for mushrooms in a new West. Following a New West gold rush to the Northwest forest. by Jessica MacMurray
A Matter of Survival. Fire suppression has so altered fuel loads that the future of the West's dry, low-elevation forests is at stake. But that's only part of the story. by Keith Easthouse
Harnessing Nature. Oregon's Umpqua National Forest pushes to relicense a hydropower project with national implication. by Mark Blaine

Heat. Fuel. Oxygen. Nature has it figured out, but we’re struggling with the basics. Now Congress has stepped in, this year spending more money than ever on wildland fire. by Mark Blaine


The Party that was Green. Then came Reagan, Bush and Bush. by Keith Easthouse
Roadkill: Where Wildlife Fear to Tread. Roads are killing America's wildlife and carving up ecosystems. by Jane Braxton Little
Home to the Metolius. Salmon swim again in the Metolius River. by Jim Yuskavitch

Alaska's Arctic National Wildlife Refuge contains one of the last fully intact ecosystems on earth. It also holds oil. by Keith Easthouse


Scapegoat. National Park Service Personnel weren’t the only ones at fault in the Cerro Grande fire last year near Los Alamos, New Mexico. by Keith Easthouse
High Mountain Hijack. Trout stocking in alpine lakes has decimated amphibians native to those lakes. by Cheri Brooks
If You Build It We Will Burn It. Denounced by mainstream environmental groups, the Earth Liberation Front continues it’s burning ways. by Drew Cherry

There are a lot more churches than Sierra Club chapters. Religious leaders apply new meaning to a biblical mandate to tend the garden. by Jane Braxton Little


Clinton Giveth, Bush Taketh Away. The unprecedented access to the Clinton Administration is gone, and environmentalists feel a chill in George W. Bush's Washington. by Keith Easthouse
Bye Bye Birdie? Northern spotted owl populations continue to decline, just not as fast as before. Meanwhile, scientists hope that habitat restoration outpaces the drop in owl numbers. by Jim Yuskavitch
Turning Green. Look for the label. Wood from responsibly managed forests is in demand by Amerida's biggest home improvement retailers. by Tim McNulty

Experts say the next big storm that slams into California’s Redwood National Park will trigger thousands of landslides on logged-over slopes. That may spell the end for magnificent redwoods downstream. by Keith Easthouse


What's Ahead? The results of a historic election could have major ramifications for America’s public lands. by Matt Rasmussen
Bettering Mother Nature? The ski industry’s attempt to better Mother Nature comes with a price. by Allen Best
Vanishing Aspen. Aspen thrive on wildfire. Which explains why Smokey Bear is no friend to one of America’s signature trees. by Jim Yuskavitch

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