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Staff & Board

FSEEE's Staff & Board at the Annual Retreat


Andy Stahlbio

Executive Director


Tim Bechtoldbio
Litigation Attorney


Stephanie Detwilerbio
Director, Administration and Finance


Jennifer Fairbrotherbio
Public Lands Advocate & Director of Development


Matt Rasmussen bio



Chuck Rothbio

Office Manager



Dave Iverson, Presidentbio
Social Scientist, Ogden, Utah
Term Expires: Spring 2013


Steve Horne, Secretary/Treasurerbio
Archaeologist, Bend, Oregon
Term Expires: Spring 2013


Dr. Jackie Canterbury, Board Memberbio
Biology Professor, Sheridan, Wyoming
Term Expires: Fall 2013

Kevin Hood, Board Memberbio
Wilderness Specialist, Juneau, Alaska
Term Expires: Spring 2013



FSEEE is a private, nonprofit organization. It is not a part of, nor is it affiliated with, the U.S. Forest Service. The views and opinions expressed by FSEEE, its board members and staff are solely their own and do not represent the official position or policy of the federal government or any of its agencies.

FSEEE Newsletter

Forest News - Winter 2015
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